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Entry from Varkiza [May. 22nd, 2009|03:07 am]
[Current Location |Starbucks in Varkiza]
[music |Vicky Cristina Barcelona Soundtrack]

I'm writing here instead of, say, facebook, because part of me doesn't want most people to read this. I'm not about to reveal any big, dark secrets. I just feel like having just a couple of readers will be enough, but most friends should remain in the dark for now.

I've been here for over a week now, but it feels more like a month. Frankfurt for a couple of days and then off to Greece where I'll remain until June 1st, then head to Switzerland.

I'm staying at the apartment of my mother's friend while she is in Montreal. It's in a nice spot called Varkiza, with the beach only 5 minutes away.

Downtown Athens is amazingly accessible, just hop on a nearby bus and ride for an hour.

So far I've spent 3 whole days walking around downtown Athens. I've seen most of the ancient monuments. It's all very beautiful, I can't complain. I've done some shopping in little shops, but I actually have to worry about the weight of my bags coming home because I was at the 23kg limit when I flew over here (wish my parents had told me, instead of pushing me to pack the bigger bag instead of the smaller one!)

I've also spent some days just hanging around Varkiza. I go to the beach, I walk around, I hang around the cafes, but damn their coffees are awful. Probably because I love my coffees weak, but everything here is so goddam strong.

There isn't much to do, really, besides walking, shopping, eating, reading. I'm pretty sure I've put on a couple pounds already. Not surprising considering the amount of feta and baked goods I've consumed.

I have 2 people I know here: Cristos, who is the son of my mother's friend's husband. He took me out a couple of times when I got here, but despite his 42 years of age, he's more interested in going to bars, clubs and lounges, while I am not. And then there's Angelo, who is the son of an engineer at the firm where my mom works.

Angelo and I will be going to the islands of Santorini for 3 days and then Mykonos for 2 days next week.

I have so much free time for thinking that sometimes it's hard to find something worth thinking about :) I'm trying to think of a visual theme for when I come back and work on my band's graphics. I try to think of what bad habits I should break when I come home, seeing as there's no better time than after been away from my routine (though honestly, I can only think of two: wake up a bit earlier, and maybe quit coffee, though that is a big maybe). I think about my friends, particularly those who are especially good to me. I can't afford to bring back souvenirs for everyone, but there are a handful to whom I really should.

Aside from that, it's hard to think of the future. I really have no idea where I will end up working, or how soon that will happen. I don't know if I'll be able to keep living at home or be forced to move out.

I need more things to ponder, honestly. If anyone has any suggestions...

I know I'll remember this trip for the rest of my life. It's just practically impossible to hang on to this moment. All I can do is try to help my brain retain the information it receives in the form of memories as clearly as possible so that it can recall them as accurately as possible in the future.

Jesus that was nerdy.

I hope you guys are doing well. I love you all.

From: skwntr
2009-05-24 05:48 am (UTC)
Things to ponder? How about what delicious foods you could have for the next meal? :P
Seriously though, just think about having a good time. :)
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