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z0mbies [Feb. 14th, 2009|11:51 am]
[music |Bayside - Duality (Project Alice String Remix)]

I woke up around 7am completely freaked out. Another zombie nightmare. It was so vivid, so real... and I was the last survivor with little hope of getting out alive. I had locked myself in an elevator by the time I woke up, and they were looking for me everywhere.

Why? Why do I dream of this shit? I hadn't even watched a movie or played a game with zombies in like a month!

It's funny what the mind is prone to believe when so shook up. Right now I'm sure as anything that there are no zombies... but around 7am, in my dark, quiet room, how not-so-impossible it seemed that they might be just outside...

I still don't know what's worse, though: when I dream of zombies, or when I dream of solving equations all night (happens every now and then when I've been cramming the day before)